{ Good web design makes you curious }

{ Good web design is functional }

{ Good web design is serious }

{ Good web design sold }

{ Good web design is marketing }

Website creation – Webdesign



A website without concept is like coffe without water and vice versa.

  • The water to the coffe: What should be achieved with the website?
  • The coffee beans: Who are the potential users for this website?
  • Sugar, milk, whipped cream, vanilla you could need, but depends on the first 2 questions.

Only through a well thought-out concept it is possible to choose design, technology, pictures and texts.

That’s why web designers drink so much coffee.

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Web design

is responsive and the images are specially compressed for smartphone and tablet. 

  • makes you curious about the company, the product or the service. 
  • it’s functional for the user and also for the entrepreneur.
  • sold in words and pictures. 
  • it’s serious, entertaining and informative. 
  • it’s “Marketing” and rocks on the Internet stage in the first ranks. 

Web design and content determine the technology of a website and never vice versa.

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Creation of a website and search engine 

Our experience is older than there are search engines. 

Because the search engine of today does not want to read search engine text but a text for the user. Combining titles and keywords in text into a formula:
tech + (good content * keywords) + title we get ranking.

All this we pack with our know-how into your website. 

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Static website or rather a CMS? 

Onepager, Landingpages and Websites

The advantage of a static website is the running costs. A static website does not need a database and also no updates are needed. These are mainly for smaller companies, landing pages and websites that do not need to be constantly maintained by the text and image. Our onepager website -> www.i-promotion.info

Websites with a CMS (Content Management System) have the advantage that you can expand or change the website continuously with text, images, products, new articles, etc. As a disadvantage are the creation- maintenance, -hosting costs. 

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