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Webseite - CMS - Webdesign

Why can sugar bakers bake and some are just better? Feeling, talent?

Why is the a cake often better with less ingredients? Maybe that’s why we often compare web design with a pie. It tastes great, you have fun and your users click and buy. And no, black background with red or green letters and vice versa is not easy to read!

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Shopping à al Cart, or rather Woocommerce or Prestashop?

European e-commerce sales in 2017 exceeded 500 billion euro. Our customers were in. And your business? You can make up and download of the data and images at your will and the user has the freedom of payment of his goods with a variety of payment solutions. A simple solution adapted to your business. Simple, fast and affordable.

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Websites are like animals, better the food is, better will be the ranking.

We optimize, place, create and text not only for the user, but also for the search engines.  Supported with Adwords advertising, this will make your business booming.

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App for IOS and Android

We do not develop apps, we have something better. An app builder developed for companies.

Bonus card, push notification, collection points to boost your sales. You can create an app yourself or rather, due to lack of time, let it be create for you? The whole without running costs! 14 days free trial.

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Social Media Marketing

The goal is to achieve an organic reach in the social media with a targeted strategy.

You can expect a mix of creativity, fun, craziness and sustainability to get the right followers. We like to mix a little advertising campaign there, and stir up the whole thing to an unusual solution. 0815 is somewhere else. It will be texted and pictured until the followers storm your business and it gets really loud.

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Hosting & Service

A hosting that you need, want, and all above it works.

Perfect for WordPress, the latest PHP version can be switched on. If MySql is not a new soup dish for you and PHP is not a knitting pattern, then selfhosting is the right place to throw your website into the internet and to be in control of what’s happening. Unsure? We manage not only the hosting but also WordPress. Free trial?

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